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Simply the Best Quality

China Nice-Underwear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sophisticated quality assurance system ensures our consumers for the best quality services, from time to time. We strictly follow the AQL system, which is currently the most well-recognized international standard for underwear industry in the United States and Europe. The quality assurance procedures include detailed controls over material testing, sample approval, fitting approval, on-site production monitoring, and multiple mid-term as well as final inspections. Our quality assurance team will ensure the delivery of consistent services throughout the production procedure.

Quick Response for Fast Changing Market

Apart from our emphasis on quality, China Nice-Underwear Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is also well-recognized for its quick response to the market. To maintain our service, we have ready set up 1 special sample room for our various products, such as paper pattern, mini-markers and consumption control.
In the most of the cases, samples can be prepared within 3 days after fabric sourcing. We believe that a timely and tailor-made sample not only would satisfy our customers’ time-to-market requirements, but also will provide them with greater flexibility.

We are Committed to Grow with Your Business

China Nice-Underwear Manufacturing Co.,Ltd treasure every single customer, regardless the scale of business or the quantity of their orders; we just deliver the best quality services and on-time delivery.
We have strong production and resource support, together with our well –structured organization and international management skills, we have full confidence in providing you, our prestigious customers, the most competitive price in the shortest possible time.

End- to- End Professional Services Provider

Our mission is to provide you with one-stop professional services, ranging from raw material sourcing to final delivery. Our dedicated professional teams ensure that all our customers receive the best quality services, which will create value in the shortest possible time frame. You can always trust us to take care of every single details.

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